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Dear Surgeons!

Monthly clinical meeting of Society of surgeons Pakistan Karachi Chapter will be held on Saturday 29th February 2020 at Seminar Room, 2nd floor, Patel Hospital at 1:30 pm.


– Overview of Primary Heperparathyroidism
– Institutional experience of laparoscopic appendectomy
– A young female with severe abdominal pain

Kindly attend on time and bring interesting cases for discussion.

President’s Welcome Message

Dr.Abdullah-MuttaqiI am indeed humbled and privileged to lead, society of surgeons Pakistan Karachi chapter. This society was established 35 years ago with the objective to help improve surgical training of post graduate trainees and to enhance the learning of Surgeons through continuing medical education programs.

From its modest beginnings, SOSP Karachi chapter has grown to become a leading platform in research and academic activities.
Society regularly arranges monthly clinical meetings across the leading institutes in the city of Karachi in which where an interesting cases are presented by the surgical resident , with input from leading surgeons of the city. Karachi chapter of society regularly publishes a quarterly journal, Pakistan journal of surgery, which is the only official journal of Society of surgeons of Pakistan , since 1985. An updated website of this journal is also maintained by the Karachi chapter of society.

Society of surgeons Pakistan Karachi chapter regularly organise its symposium biennially . Last symposium hosted in December 2018 was well attended by notable speakers and dignitaries from across the globe. Introduction to cutting edge technology, latest procedures, and quality papers were presented .
Recently society has established advanced laparoscopic and surgical skill center at the head office of society of surgeons office Karachi which will give opportunity to post graduate training to strengthen their skills and provide access to advanced laparoscopic surgical technology.

The task before society remains huge in the cause for surgical teaching. but needs your support to achieve and maintain our vision at fullest.

I am indeed thankful to each of you for the constant encouragement.

Dr. Abdullah Muttaqi
President SOSP-Karachi


Society of Surgeons of Pakistan – Karachi Chapter is an official, professional and non-profitable organization of surgeons of Karachi. It was established in 1981 as a Non-Government Organization and is officially registered at Sindh district administration office.
SOSP-Karachi is established to provide a platform to share knowledge and experience among surgeons for mutual benefits. It is established for professional and academic development of surgeons in order to provide quality, standard, scientific, evidence based surgical services in Karachi. It aims to promote educational and research activities in the field of surgery in Karachi in order to achieve its goal.




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